68 Cutting Drive


Access to outdoor space is important for the health of your body and mind. A welcoming and enjoyable space to spend time in can be the difference in whether you prioritize spending enough time outside or not. Even when space itself is hard to come by, we can show you how to maximize your outdoor experience.

110 Arthur Street


Dry stacked stone walls are a craft as old as time itself. Their bold form and gravity-fed strength will also have the fortitude to stand the test of time. Ironically, time is indeed what it takes to construct these intricate oversized stone puzzles. Have a look at this project and see why we are locally renowned for dry stack stone.

506 James Street


A large family entertainment space complete with a pool, hot tub, outdoor structure, and built-in barbeque overlooks a beautiful babbling creek bed below. This is a unique feature only a very fortunate location can offer. Find out how we used our creativity to make the most of it.

56 Colborne Street


Many of us can relate to the nostalgic feeling of walking down charming old streets in a small town. These streets are rich with culture, full of stories to be told, and brimming with historical character that deserves respect. This is the setting for this intimate backyard landscape, and we hope you enjoy the result.